Hey there! I'm

James Silverstein


""Welcome to my house."

-Flo Rida

a long island boy with a big apple dream...


My earliest memories date back to five year old James incessantly craving the center of attention at any and every chance he could get. Whether he was stealing the karaoke mic away from the rest of the party guests (only to mumble the lyrics to a song he probably had never even heard before), or doing a full-out performance of "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne for his parents in the living room (and asking them if he was good enough to be on American Idol without taking "no" for an answer), little James was ALWAYS giving 110%.

As early as third grade, my parents picked up on the many musical cues and put me in choir at school. In the summer before sixth grade, my best friend at the time convinced me to join a recreational theater program where I sang "Close Every Door" from Joseph... (how dark), which somehow turned me onto wanting to do this for the rest of my life. From there on out, I skyrocketed, taking advantage of every performance opportunity that I could get, all while dreaming of the day I'd leave Long Island behind and say hello to the Big Apple itself.

The year is 2021: I may be back on Long Island living with my parents for the time being, but I'm not discouraged (yet am proud) to say that I graduated from the Molloy College/CAP21 program with a BFA in Musical Theatre during a global pandemic. Our return back to normalcy has no deadline; this isn't a race. After all, we've never been through anything like this before, so take all the time you, your body and your mind need to recover. In the meantime, you can most likely find me obsessing over sugary cereals, cuddled up watching Big Brother, or drinking an iced coffee!

Dear World, here I come!


 "I'll Save The Girl" - Superhero
CAP21/Molloy College Senior Showcase
Dir. Laura Brandel

 Spring Awakening Highlights
CAP21/Molloy College
Dir. Jessie D. Hill

"I Can Do That" - A Chorus Line

The Madison Theater

Dir. Luis Villabon

"All I Need Is The Girl" - Gypsy

It's Showtime, Folks! - CAP21/Molloy College

Dir. Lori Leshner

"We Just Wanna Know" - Experience Marianas!

Face Your Fears - The Green Room 42

Dir. Rob Rokicki

"She Loves to Hear the Music" - The Boy from Oz

It's Showtime, Folks! - CAP21/Molloy College

Dir. Lori Leshner




Headshot Proofs by Shani Hadjian Photography (2020)


Spring Awakening - CAP21/Molloy College (2019)


Hair - Woodstock Playhouse (2019)

Newsies - Woodstock Playhouse (2019)


Mamma Mia! - Woodstock Playhouse (2019)


It's Showtime, Folks! - CAP21/Molloy College (2018)


The Falling Girl - CAP21/Molloy College (2019)


Other Fun Stuff! (2017-2020)