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Move It, Movin' It Around the U.S.!

Hey, y'all! It's wonderful to be seeing you here after what's certainly be a HOT second since my last update

After finding my footing in our "new normal", post-pandemic lifestyle, I'm humbled to announce that I will be making my national tour debut as "Melman" in Madagascar The Musical. Directed by Kirk Jameson, our U.S. tour will be reaching 61-different cities in a matter of 12-weeks, primarily visiting venues in the mid-west and along the east coast. Tickets can be found at

With rehearsals already in full-swing, I can confidently say I'm having the time of my life working alongside this outstanding cast and crew. Since graduating in 2020, I've surely taken my time in terms of auditioning and putting myself back out there- I've done a few readings, archival projects here and there, and made my Feinstein's/54 Below debut in the meantime- but nothing compares to finally being back in the room working on a full-fledged production again. My heart is soaring and I can't wait for all that's yet to come!

"Everybody up, everybody jump", and come "move it, move it" with us around the country this spring, from April 8th to July 1st! @madagascarthemusicaltour

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